Leo dicaprio dating graph

leo dicaprio dating graph

How many times has Leonardo DiCaprio dated?

DiCaprios dating history has been immortalized in Microsoft Excel. According to the chart, which cites British tabloids as its sources, DiCaprio, 44, has never dated a woman over the age of 25, and the average age of his girlfriends is 22.9. The chart spans 20 years and eight relationships from 1999 to 2019.

Does Leonardo DiCaprio have a penchant for younger women?

But it seems he has a penchant for younger women, according to data analysis of his ex-girlfriends and former flames. One Reddit user carefully studied DiCaprio, 44, and his long list of lovers and concluded that he refuses to date woman over the age of 25, barely more than half of the Oscar-winners age.

Did Leo DiCaprio have an affair with a Brazilian supermodel?

According to US Weekly, he had an affair with the Czech model for two months while she was married to Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres. Leo dated the Brazilian supermodel for five years and even took her as a date to the Oscars in 2005.

Did Leonardo DiCaprio date Toni Garrn?

In between those women DiCaprio dated German model Toni Garrn from 2013 to 2014 when she was 20 and 21. He also dated Victoria Secret Model Erin Heatherton in 2012 when she was 22. Sasha and Malia Obamas tennis instructor and the former... The Wynn executive, vineyard owner and youth branding...

Who Has Leonardo DiCaprio Dated? 21 Hot Women Hes Allegedly Been With (And Juicy Details About Their Relationships) 1. Kate Moss Back when they were both wee pups getting their start on the A-List in 1993, 20-year-old Leo and Kate spent... 2. Brittany Daniel DiCaprio and Brittany Daniel of Sweet ...

Who is Leo DiCaprios girlfriend Camila Morrone?

The Victorias Secret model dated Leo in 2016 when she was 24. Leos current girlfriend Camila Morrone is also a model, and shes 23-years-old. (Do you sense a theme here?)

What happened between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet?

Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn back together?

Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend of more than a year, Toni Garrn, have officially split, a source confirms to Us Weekly. The couple has been privately dating since May 2013, never walking a red carpet together.

When did Toni Garrn start dating?

Dating history № Partner Type Start End 15 Toni Garrn Dating May 2013 December 2014 14 Erin Heatherton Dating December 2011 December 2012 13 Madalina Ghenea Short affair October 2011 October 2011 12 Blake Lively Dating May 2011 October 2011 15 more rows ...

How did Leonardo DiCaprio get famous?

Straight An Oscar-winning film performer Leonardo DiCaprio featured in a great number of movies, including The Wolf of Wall Street, The Aviator and Inception. However, what really made him famous at the beginning of his career is a classic drama Titanic of 1997. His path to the top wasn’t an easy one.

How much does Leonardo DiCaprio charge per movie?

Today, Leonardo is one of the biggest celebrities not only in Hollywood but worldwide, charging 20 million dollars per film. Also, the actor is a well-known environmentalist. He established a Foundation that helps save animals and wildlife all across the globe.

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