Dating moorcroft pottery

dating moorcroft pottery

How can you tell how old a Moorcroft pottery is?

Using marks and back stamps to decipher the age of a piece will also help in determining the desirability in the secondary marketplace. Because many Moorcroft wares were hand-formed—or “ thrown ” in pottery terms—even pieces with similar decoration vary in terms of size and shape, according to Warman’s.

Is Moorcroft pottery a good investment?

From its early conception, Moorcroft pottery was in high demand from prestigious department stores such as Harrods, Liberty of London, and even Tiffany & Co. This demand cemented the pottery brand as one of artistic quality and a solid investment, which we can still see to be true to this day.

What is a Moorcroft pattern?

The pattern features a variety of blooms, including poppies, irises, and tulips, rendered in relatively soft colors and accentuated through a raised slip technique. The allure of this early pattern is underscored by the fact that it is still one of the most acclaimed Moorcroft patterns and consistently achieves noteworthy prices at auction today.

Is it a second or a first on a Moorcroft?

However, not all of them are honest enough to tell you - the novice Moorcroft buyer - that what you are thinking of buying is actually a seconds.There are three markings which Moorcroft use to denote second-quality items.

How do you identify Moorcroft pottery?

Moorcroft Pottery can be easily identified by its mark, usually found on the base of the pottery piece. Because the company has remained a family-operated business, the identifying marks have remained fairly consistent, according to Antique Marks. Newer marks, however, tend to be more elaborate and more informative.

What do the year cyphers on Moorcroft pottery mean?

In 1990, Moorcroft added year cyphers to the base of their pottery pieces. These are often symbols or designs to help identity the year the piece was made. You might see some copyright marks too; these show the date when the design was first used.

Where was William Moorcroft pottery made?

When William Moorcroft established his own pottery, the W. Moorcroft signature was used along with Moorcroft and/or Burslem incised into the clay. Pieces made for export were marked England beginning in 1916 and then Made in England from 1918 onward.

How can you tell how old a pottery is?

Most dealers and collectors refer to the colors and variations used in the decoration of the pottery, which changed a bit over the years, along with marks on the pieces to determine their age. Early works reflect William Moorcrofts association with James Macintyre & Company Ltd.

How can you tell the difference between seconds and seconds on Moorcroft?

The older one is the silver line - if you see a thin silver line on the base of a Moorcroft piece, through the WM monogram, it is a seconds.

How do I identify a Moorcroft piece?

All Moorcroft pieces have markings on the base. They will identify that the piece was made in England and the year the piece was made. The design year and initials will also show who the tubeliner or painter was. You might also find an artist’s mark, sometimes called a ‘Moorcroft signature’ or ‘monogram’.

Is it worth it to buy a Moorcroft second?

You could part with a substantial sum of money and end up with what is essentially a Moorcroft second-quality piece.Moorcroft sell off their seconds and a great many ebay sellers buy them quite cheaply and put them on ebay.

What is the history of the Moorcroft Mark?

The main Moorcroft marks changed as William Moorcroft moved from Macintyre & Co, at the end of the 19th century and then when Walter Moorcroft took over from his father.

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