Berry dating app

berry dating app

How does Berry use data from my phone?

Data from your phone, including your mobile-phone usage patterns is considered when making the lending decision. This is combined with your Berry repayment records that gradually build a personalized credit score, determining the credit offers you receive. How can you reach us? You can raise a ticket on the App or email at

How can I add a payment to my Berry account?

We will need the transaction code, the amount you paid, the date, and time you made the payment and the account number you were paying for. We shall trace the payment and add it to your account. How can I pay? To make Berry loan repayments: Open the Berry App and click on Pay Now. Berry Payment procedure is self explanatory and will guide you thru.

How do I get a berry loan?

Search for Berry loan app in Google Play Store and download it on your mobile. Tell us who you are! To serve you better. Choose a loan product that suits your needs. Loan amount is sent on your Mpesa account within a minute.

How does your smartphone use data?

Your phone sends some data, the server receives it, and then you’re in. You might casually scroll through your feed and find an interesting video. Let’s say you click on it and watch it. All of these actions consume data.

What is the BlackBerry content transfer app?

The BlackBerry Content Transfer app enables you to move local data from your previous Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, or BlackBerry 7 device to your new BlackBerry Smartphone Powered by Android. You can move pictures, videos, contacts, and more.

Why is my phone using data in the background?

All smartphones use data in the background, sometimes to sync with your email accounts and social networking accounts to see if there is new mail or status updates, things of that nature. Unless you disable your 4g/3g data connection there is a chance that applications are using data in the background via 3g/4g.

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