Dating a super quiet person

dating a super quiet person

Is it hard to date a quiet person?

Dealing with people who are quiet can be difficult in itself but when you are dating the person it can be even more challenging. The problem with quiet people is that you never really know what they are thinking. At times you almost want to shake them and ask then what is on their minds.

How do you deal with a quiet guy?

Some people are just quiet by nature and the only thing you can really do is learn new ways and means of opening your quiet guy up so that you can get those lines of communication going. There are several strategies when it comes to dealing with quiet guys and some of them may work better than others.

What is it like to have a relationship with a quiet person?

Quiet people have their own talents, attributes and traits, which may be different from those of extroverts, but are nonetheless valuable. To have a great relationship with a quiet person, whether as a partner, friend or colleague, it can be helpful to understand how they are different from more outgoing folk.

How do you know if a friend is quiet?

Quiet people think before they leap or speak. Quiet people often like to get more information before making a decision or think things over before they speak. So, don’t be surprised if your quiet friend pauses in a conversation, takes a while to respond to a message or asks to get back to you over an invitation.

How do you date a quiet person?

If youre dating a quiet person youll need to become comfortable with the occasional moment of silence together. At risk of being harsh, if you feel the need to constantly fill the air with conversation, you might want to think about why. , Hey, Nice to meet you! Originally Answered: How do you maintain a relationship with a very quiet person?

How to maintain a relationship with a quiet person?

One way you can maintain a relationship with a quiet person is to make sure that you have other activities and people in your life. This way, when your partner needs quiet time, but you want to be social, you will have someone else to talk to and other things to do.

What is the problem with quiet people?

The problem with quiet people is that you never really know what they are thinking. At times you almost want to shake them and ask then what is on their minds. The problem is this really will not help.

Why is my boyfriend so quiet in a conversation?

Many times people are quiet because they are not good at being the ones to start the conversation. Maybe there is a part of him that is shy and afraid that he will say something silly or ridiculous. Often times the only thing you will have to do is get the ball rolling.

How do you know if someone is a quiet person?

If you want someone to really listen to your troubles, ideas and dreams: find a quiet person. Quiet people are usually interested in others and genuinely care about their feelings. Plus, quiet people don’t like gossip so they can be trusted with your deepest secrets.

Are quiet people boring?

Quiet people aren’t boring. We can be as lively and exuberant as the next person. Once we get to know you, it may surprise you how vivacious we can be. We do take a lot of things seriously, but we can also be irreverent and fun.

Is it true that Quiet People are Lonely?

Quiet people aren’t lonely. Quiet people enjoy their own company and while they like to socialise, they don’t want to do it all the time. Don’t worry about your quiet friend being lonely, he or she is probably just enjoying a good book or movie or daydreaming happily somewhere peaceful.

How do I get people to be quiet in public places?

If a person refuses to be quiet in a library or other quiet space, draw this to the attention of those in charge of the place. Theyll enforce quiet rules for you. Stay calm and courteous when you are asking people to be quiet. Most people dont mean to talk loudly, and some people dont realize how much the sound carries.

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